Anne Arundel County Photographer | Personalities

posted October 30, 2015

category Big Kids, Bunches

When I get to spend time with a family year after year, it’s great because they start relaxing enough to let their personalities shine through. This year I spent a little time with each of the kids. R cuddled with her cat. I was kind of teasing K when I snapped this one, but it [...]

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Maryland Engagement | Family Affair

posted June 9, 2015

category Becoming Family

I’m blessed to have generational friendships in my life. My dad has been best friends with the same guy for over 50 years. Conveniently, they got married within a year of each other and had kids during the same season of life. Between the two families, there were six kids in six years. By some [...]

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Recent Red Thread Sessions

posted May 23, 2015

category Babies, Becoming Family, Big Kids

Between homeschooling and running a couple other businesses, my time to shoot has been pretty limited. I did manage to squeeze in a couple Red Thread Sessions in the past couple months. The first was for a sweet couple who spent last year on quite the emotional roller coaster before finally being able to start [...]

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Humanitarian Photographer | Eyes

posted November 12, 2014

category Be a Storyteller

When you strip away the entire periphery, it is easy to get lost in the innocent beauty of these kids. In many ways, they are just like any child you know. They love sports, balloons, crafts, face paint, and, generally, just receiving attention. I used to get caught up in the simplicity and think, “You [...]

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Views from the Tap Tap

posted November 9, 2014

category Be a Storyteller

Yesterday we visited to local missions to do some shopping. This was the view from the Baptist Haiti Mission which sits atop a mountain. The mode of public transportation in Haiti are pick ups fitted with wooden benches affectionately known as tap taps. Our bottoms are not loving the 45+ minute adventures on rather bumpy [...]