Humanitarian Photographer | Eyes

posted November 12, 2014 category Be a Storyteller

When you strip away the entire periphery, it is easy to get lost in the innocent beauty of these kids. In many ways, they are just like any child you know. They love sports, balloons, crafts, face paint, and, generally, just receiving attention.


I used to get caught up in the simplicity and think, “You just need someone to love you. If only I could take you home with me.” I would assume that the simple fun, easy laughter, and quick acceptance would define our new life together.



However, the fact is that these eyes belong to a little soul that only knows Haiti and is complexly connected here. These eyes reflect the DNA of a parent who is still struggling to survive 30 minutes down the road. Additionally, these eyes have witnessed unspeakable tragedy, and these souls are fragile with deep hurts.



We cannot put our sites on just these children. To help them well means to zoom out and see the bigger picture. Let’s restore full families and even communities.


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