1. I’m Type A and I love lists.
  2. Sometimes Usually when I’m in the middle of editing a shoot, I’m a really bad mom.
  3. I’m an engineer who prefers my left brain and can’t figure out why God has blessed my with a photography business.
  4. To the exasperation of my oldest and my husband and the delight of my youngest two, I hate when priceless moments go uncaptured on film a memory card.  I guess that’s how the photography business evolved.
  5. I hate waste.  In fact, my son just asked why I have herbs hanging in our kitchen from our garden when I never use them.  In my defense, I do use them but probably not at a rate that warrants keeping every bunch of sage and mint I’ve ever grown.
  6. I hate cleaning even more.
  7. I love going…anywhere.  To the park, across the country, around the world.  I usually just go when I can’t stand my dirty house any more.
  8. I dream of a world where I can offer an unlimited amount of complimentary sessions to adoptive families.
  9. I don’t drink coffee but have an obsession with tea.
  10. I donate 10 inches to Locks of Love every 2 years.  My husband likes my hair long.  I like it short.  It’s our compromise.