Humanitarian Photographer | Foyer Friends

posted November 8, 2014

category Be a Storyteller

We spent our first full day at Foyer Orphanage. Our job? Play with and love on kids and help out the exhausted, under-supported nannies. I sat down with some of the older kids. I’d like to briefly introduce them to you. I am not permitted to show identifying photos of any of the children, and [...]

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Missions | Starting with a BANG

posted November 6, 2014

category Be a Storyteller

From some of our youngest travelers almost missing our flight to Haiti due to delayed connecting flights to a minor tap-tap crash on the way to the guesthouse, we have certainly started our week off with a BANG! The view from the plane as we descended was breathtaking. From rolling mountains to endless farmland to [...]

Giving Back

posted August 13, 2014

category Broadcasts

I have been so fortunate over the years to be able to pursue things I love. Currently, I’m involved in wellness coaching for families, serving churches through our non-profit, and a social enterprise cafe all while being able to be available for my kids at home. Capturing life visually is obviously one of my passions, [...]

Baltimore Lifestyle Photographer | Home Sweet Home

posted July 4, 2013

category Babies, Big Kids, Bunches

“I don’t have set photos in mind, and I just want it to be a fun experience.”  Music to a photographer’s ears. I met the family at their home where their girls were most comfortable and had fun learning what daily life looked like for sweet F and baby M. Dad has a job that [...]

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A Year of Red Thread Sessions

posted January 14, 2013

category Becoming Family

I count it a blessing to be a part of Red Thread Sessions. While I’ve only captured two families, hundreds of families were blessed by RTS this year. Here’s a peak into what’s been going on around the country in adoption photography this year. Slideshow credit: Nicole Renee Newborns